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Isokinetics is the ability of a person to strengthen against specific speeds.  The resistance is accommodating and is truly the safest way to exercise every joint.  Isokinetic machines can provide a person with the ability to strengthen, work on endurance and target specific fiber type.

We will work with you through the 6 Phases of Rehabilitation, using the Biodex Isokinetic System:

  1. Healing Constraints and Proving Need – with gentle range of motion exercises that allow safe, comfortable strengthening and testing, the healing process begins.
  2. Controlling Joint Effusion/Inflammation – with the gentle range of motion exercises, the blood flow around the joints improves to allow for blood, lymph and waste products to move out of the joint.
  3. Restoring Range of Motion – the range of motion begins to restore with gradually increasing range of motion in a specific area and speed.
  4. Restoring Strength and Proving Progress – with isometric, concentric and eccentric exercises, strength, endurance, and joint position improve.
  5. Restoring function – safely exercise at speeds appropriate to function.
  6. Proving Outcome – the joint muscle is strengthened and you have control of its function.

At Exclusive Physical Therapy (EPT) we utilize the Biodex system three (3).  This machine provides us the ability to isolate upper and lower quarter muscles without creating undue forces on the joints.  The Biodex system can provide a clinician with locating and isolating muscle imbalances that may be occurring in the upper or lower quarter.  This is invaluable for a clinician and they can see the progress through objective measures.  Sports and orthopedic medicine, pediatric medicine, neurorehabilitation, older adult medicine, industrial medicine, and researchers depend on Biodex to provide consistent, accurate, objective data. For more information, Contact our physical therapists today at Lansing, MI Center.

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