Patient Testimonials

  • Exclusive PT has more than a professional staff, they become your friends the minute you begin. They make physical therapy fun. After years of physical therapy, I can honestly say that the staff at Exclusive PT have helped change my life! Thank you to everyone at Exclusive PT for all you do!


  • Thank you for the great maintenance program that you offered at Exclusive PT. As I continued to follow your instructions I not only learned, but also felt, the benefits and importance of exercise! I appreciate how you shared your medical expertise while helping my arm heal. I no longer have any pain or discomfort. Thank you Scott, for all the work that you do to help so many in our community.


  • I am 61 years old and have had 5 back surgeries. After each surgery, I was prescribed physical therapy at four different clinics. Some of these helped but most did not. After my last surgery, I asked around and Exclusive PT was recommended. My physical therapy prescription was quite grueling and lasted 6-7 months. Exclusive PT had me perform many exercises that I had never done before. Today, 2 ½ years later, I’m happy to report that I am doing very well! I can do things I never thought I would able to do again. I have lost thirty pounds and am MUCH stronger. My health, attitude and outlook are much better. I now recommend Exclusive PT to friends. Scott and his staff are helpful, friendly and professional. They are definitely interested in every patient’s success. They are a top-notch group and I recommend them to all of my friends.


  • In our opinion, Dr Scott Benjamin, is the best therapist in the area, or perhaps, the state. He is highly skilled and we have strong confidence in his methods and results. His relationship with each patient is caring, kind and encouraging. Dr. Benjamin’s great personality and attitude create a comfortable treatment atmosphere. We enthusiastically recommend him based on our own treatments and the final results!

    G. & J.M.

  • I have recommended Exclusive PT to several friends. I go there 3 times per week and look forward to going. Attitude is very important. It is hard work, but it has paid off tremendously. The atmosphere is warm and friendly. Scott & all the staff are very professional, helpful, friendly and very interested in every patient’s success. The staff are always there to talk to and give me advice. This is a top-notch group. I recommend them with my highest confidence and immense appreciation.