Our Team

Dr. Scott Benjamin, PT, DScPT, COMT

Scott received his undergraduate training from the Michigan Technological University and his physical therapy DScPT from the University of Illinois at Chicago. His finished his graduate work at the University of Maryland (DScPT) and obtained his manual therapy certification from IMPACT with Jim Meadows.

He has co-authored the Cram Session in Functional Anatomy; a Handbook for Students and Clinicians. He has authored papers on TDA, lateral epicondylitis, modalities, prolotherapy, isokinetic testing and aquatic therapy. Scott is the inventor of the Multifidus Muscle Integrator (MMI) and has taught continuing education courses nationally and internationally with his areas of interests being in the biomechanics of the spine, sacroiliac joint, manual therapy and rehabilitation.

He has been practicing since 1989. Scott and his wife, Lora, have 3 children. Scott enjoys traveling, hockey, and scuba diving