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Pool Therapy

Pool Therapy Info

In the land vs. water discussion, what makes water therapy unique?

  • Reduced Pain and Improved Joint Mobility: Water’s buoyancy naturally reduces weight-bearing stress on joints. This can be especially helpful for patients recovering from injuries, surgery, or managing chronic pain conditions like arthritis. The warm water can also help relax muscles and improve joint range of motion.
  • Early Intervention and Increased Confidence: For patients who are apprehensive about weight-bearing exercises due to pain or weakness, water therapy provides a safe and supported environment to start rehab. Earlier movements can boost a patient’s confidence as they regain strength.
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning and Balance: Water’s natural resistance can provide a low-impact yet challenging workout for building cardiovascular endurance. Aquatic exercises, particularly when combined with an adjustable water current, can also improve balance and coordination due to the constant need to engage core muscles for stability.
  • Reduced Risk of Falls: The supportive nature of water can be particularly beneficial for patients at risk of falls, such as older patients or those recovering from surgery. Water therapy allows for practicing exercises with a lower risk of injury compared to land-based activities.

Pool Information:

  • Females- One Piece Suits
  • Male- Tank Top and shorts
  • Bring your own towel

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